I Have Been Living Here Rent Free

I met this guy a long time ago and he was always really rich. His mother was some sort of surgeon and his father was just rich and from a long line of rich people. At any rate I went to college and got my degree, then I came home and ran into him one day. He invited me over to his house and it turned out to be a mansion. He told me that he was working as a bitcoin era app trader, but apparently he just makes his money off having money. I am not going to complain about that myself. It ended up being a great thing for me. The place he lives in used to belong to his grandfather. It is a huge house on a huge piece of land. There is a guest house there too and I worked out a deal where I live there in return for taking care of things. Of course he is gone about half of the time and the rest of the time there are a dozen or more people there having some sort of party. I mow the grass, keep the pool right and clean up after the debauchery, and then I get to save the money I would pay for rent.

At any rate I have saved a fortune and the best thing is that I am only about five minutes away from my new job. It was taking me about three times that long to get there from my Mom’s place and I was sleeping on her couch down in the basement while I looked for a place that I could afford while I was making my other debt payments. In fact I have met a ton of girls, some of whom think I own the place until I tell them I don’t.