Perfect Opportunities for the Event Space Games

If you are about to make your first escape game, you may be a little nervous. Do not panic; you will see that once in your provisional prison, we get caught up very quickly. But to reassure you, here are all our tips to live the best experience possible with your team.

The rules of an escape room

Each room may have a specific regulation, but some great rules are almost always found. This may seem obvious, but do not deteriorate the material and decor of the room. The creators have spent the time to imagine all this, and future players also want to enjoy all this work! If an element (chest, box, door) seems to resist, do not force! It’s probably missing something and insisting you risk breaking it.

Also, some objects in the room may be “offside” and should not be touched. These elements are often indicated by a small pellet. At the event space in Calgary, this kind of opportunity offers a big break.

Your game master at the beginning of the game will give you his instructions. For example, there is in principle no indication of height, so you do not need to climb the …

What To Do If You Think Your Employer Has Breached Your Contract

A contract is a legally binding document between you and your employer which outlines the terms of your employment. If any of the terms within the contract are broken, whether that be in relation to sick pay, holiday allowance or unfair dismissal, an employee is entitled to take action against their employer, either by consulting a corporate solicitor or otherwise, to rectify the situation and seek damages. Common forms of breach of contract include:

  • Wrongful dismissal by an employer i.e. without giving the employee proper notice, following dismissal procedures or because of any discriminatory reason.
  • Changes to the terms and conditions of an employee contract without agreement if the contract does not allow employers to make amendments without consulting the employee.
  • Your employer consistently not paying you on the specified date or period of time stated within your contract.
  • Docking your wages for a reason that is not outlined in your contact e.g. if you are late by thirty minutes and they dock you a full hours pay.
  • Non-payment during your notice period which is the period between handing in your notice and leaving your job.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you feel you have been unfairly treated by your …

Bitcoin as a Buying and Selling Transaction Tool

Those of you who follow the developments in the world of online transactions, as well as various types of the latest investments, must be familiar with the name Bitcoin or about Cryptocurrency in general. Cryptocurrency is a digital money technology that is traded for financial gain. Bitcoin is one form of Cryptocurrency that can get it by “mining” or by buying and selling in the Bitcoin market or Bitcoin merchant account such as buying and selling foreign currencies.

Why are More People Using Bitcoin?

In recent years, the value of Bitcoin when compared to official currencies has a fairly high price even equivalent to the price of gold which is supported by the increasing number of people who are interested in buying and selling using bitcoin. What makes many people increasingly use Bitcoin to make transactions?

The first is that Bitcoin is a digital currency that applies globally. For those of you who often travel abroad, it is now easier for transactions to use Bitcoin.

The second reason is that more merchants are accepting payments using Bitcoin merchant services. The merchants that accept Bitcoin as a payment instrument are generally online merchants or e-commerce so you can buy goods …

Cutting Costs as a Small Business

When you have a small business every penny counts. There are many decisions you can make to help reduce your business costs, which will help you in the long run. However, cutting costs doesn’t always have to mean spending a lot of time or effort.

Remove Software Costs

Whilst programmes like Microsoft Office are nice to have, does your business really need them? When you sign up for a Google email or account, you get free access to online programmes such as Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. If this doesn’t quite fit your needs, then there are a large number of free-software options available that can help streamline your companies processes and help organise finances and campaigns.

Seek Vendor Discounts

If you regularly get your materials, products or equipment from the same vendor, ask if you qualify for a bulk order discount. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much money you can save when you ask the right questions.

Hire Interns

Hiring interns means that you’re not only providing the younger generation with work experience, but it’s also great for your companies reputation and you fill some work gaps. If your employees are spending hours of the …

Why You Need Professional Indemnity Insurance For Your Business

Once you’ve worked hard to set up your business, it would be silly not to protect it. Although it has many benefits, the main reason for investing in professional indemnity insurance is to provide a safety net in case of mistakes, covering legal costs or just generally as a backup. There are a few deeper details that you should understand, which could make a big difference if an unhappy client is trying to claim against you. Find out a bit more about it below!

Who Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance ?

Within many lines of business you are obliged to have insurance, and even if it isn’t a necessity, it is probably a good idea. This will be good for both your own security and also to reassure potential clients that you have all the correct paperwork in place. It is particularly important for business that are providing a professional service, handling data, giving out professional advice or wanting to protect their intellectual property to take out PI insurance. This is because it can pay for claims made against you for financial loss suffered by a client. The insurance company will generally pay out compensation when a client is accused of …