Bitcoin as a Buying and Selling Transaction Tool

Those of you who follow the developments in the world of online transactions, as well as various types of the latest investments, must be familiar with the name Bitcoin or about Cryptocurrency in general. Cryptocurrency is a digital money technology that is traded for financial gain. Bitcoin is one form of Cryptocurrency that can get it by “mining” or by buying and selling in the Bitcoin market orĀ Bitcoin merchant account such as buying and selling foreign currencies.

Why are More People Using Bitcoin?

In recent years, the value of Bitcoin when compared to official currencies has a fairly high price even equivalent to the price of gold which is supported by the increasing number of people who are interested in buying and selling using bitcoin. What makes many people increasingly use Bitcoin to make transactions?

The first is that Bitcoin is a digital currency that applies globally. For those of you who often travel abroad, it is now easier for transactions to use Bitcoin.

The second reason is that more merchants are accepting payments using Bitcoin merchant services. The merchants that accept Bitcoin as a payment instrument are generally online merchants or e-commerce so you can buy goods and shop online using the Bitcoin money you have. This certainly can be profitable because the value of Bitcoin has fluctuations so you can buy goods at a lower price than usual.

How to Get Bitcoin

There are three ways you can use to get Bitcoin. This method is:

  1. Buy on the Bitcoin buying and selling platform which now has many platforms including in many countries. So, you can buy the Bitcoin using your National currency.
  2. The second is to receive payments using Bitcoin for every product you sell. For those of you who have a business buying and selling, especially for the online market, the payments using Bitcoin can be added to the products you sell. So, you can collect them for your own use or sell when the price is high. You can register as a merchant account for Bitcoin to the a trusted Bitcoin expert.
  3. The third way is to do mining the Bitcoin using a computer.