Perfect Opportunities for the Event Space Games

If you are about to make your first escape game, you may be a little nervous. Do not panic; you will see that once in your provisional prison, we get caught up very quickly. But to reassure you, here are all our tips to live the best experience possible with your team.

The rules of an escape room

Each room may have a specific regulation, but some great rules are almost always found. This may seem obvious, but do not deteriorate the material and decor of the room. The creators have spent the time to imagine all this, and future players also want to enjoy all this work! If an element (chest, box, door) seems to resist, do not force! It’s probably missing something and insisting you risk breaking it.

Also, some objects in the room may be “offside” and should not be touched. These elements are often indicated by a small pellet. At the event space in Calgary, this kind of opportunity offers a big break.

Your game master at the beginning of the game will give you his instructions. For example, there is in principle no indication of height, so you do not need to climb the furniture to inspect the ceiling. It’s a rule of thumb: you never need to put yourself in danger to reach a clue! Most often, each object in the room serves only once. This is the case for the keys in particular: each key opens a single padlock.

Tips and advice for a successful escape game

Are you going to participate in an escape game? Here’s how to put all the odds on your side to find the secret of the game and succeed your escape. An informed player is worth two.

  1. The first and most obvious advice is to open your eyes and search, search and search again

Do not hesitate to return each element in all directions, to take out all the contents of a wardrobe, to look behind each table, to follow the complaints of the walls. A thorough search of the room is a sure way to win. A clue can hide anywhere! Watch a place, even if one of your partners has already done it: maybe you will not analyze the object in the same way and discover something it missed!

  1. Be organized! Find clues and objects is good, but they will not serve you all immediately

So you have to put them aside in an intelligent way to easily find them when you need them, but also to be able to see links between them more easily. You may have found something that alone does not make sense, but once one of your classmates has brought back the second half, everything will become clear! Remember to put aside the objects that have been used as and when!

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