Dipping into the Emergency Fund

I had a bit of an accident during a gathering with my friends. I invited everyone over to play some video games, and we started playing some old motion controlled games. There was one game where I had to hold the controller and swing my arm around like a tennis player. While doing so, the controller flew out of my hand and hit the television, causing the screen to break. It’s a good thing that I had money from trading on Bitcoin Evolution to pay for a new television. I haven’t been trading long, but I’ve been good enough at it to make some spare money.

I consider the money that I make from trading bitcoin to be my emergency fund. Whenever something bad happens, I can dip into the emergency fund to pay for anything, like the television. Once I get more profit from trading bitcoin, I can add it back to the emergency fund where it can sit there until I need it. On top of that, the fund is in a savings account that gains interest, so while it’s sitting there, more money will be added to it.

The next time I have some friends over, I don’t think that I will be playing any motion controlled games, or at least I won’t be playing them in front of the television. I’d rather not have to buy a new television every other month, even though I can afford it because of my trading. Someone else can host the next event. I bet they won’t be willing to play that game. I’m the only one among my friends who does any bitcoin trading. I don’t know how much money my friends have saved in their emergency funds, but I bet it’s not as much as I’ve saved this year.